Bantam Division Schedule

Preliminary Round

Game Date Time Round Home   vs.   Visitor Rink

Championship Round

Game Date Time Round Home   vs.   Visitor Rink

Bantam Information

  1. Each game must be played until there is a winner
  2. 2pts for a win – 0pts for a loss
  3. Overtime rules of the tournament will apply – 5 min overtime, end of each minute, horn will sound and a player will be removed from the ice. IF nobody scores after 1 on 1, it will go back to 5 on 5
  4. Top 2 Teams will move on to the A Championship. 3rd place will be given automatic entry into the B Championship. 4th and 5th place teams will play Friday evening for the other spot in Saturday’s B Championship game. The loser of Friday’s playoff game will be crowned C Champion

Standings Tiebreaker in case 2 teams are tied after the Preliminary Round

  1. Head to Head
  2. plus/minus
  3. goals against
  4. goals for
  5. team with earliest first goal in first game
  6. least amount of penalty minutes in the tournament

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