Atom Division Schedule

Preliminary Round

Game Date Time Round Home   vs.   Visitor Rink
1 Wed 10:00 am Preliminary Newmarket Green 0   0 Nobleking RJT1
4 Wed 1:00 pm Preliminary Newmarket 2 0   0 Oshawa RJT1
5 Wed 2:00 pm Preliminary Nobleking 0   0 St. Catharines RJT1
7 Wed 4:30 pm Preliminary Oshawa 0   0 Newmarket Green RJT1
8 Wed 5:30 pm Preliminary St. Catharines 0   0 Newmarket 2 RJT1

Championship Round

Game Date Time Round Home   vs.   Visitor Rink
18 Sat 10:00 am C Championship TBD 0   0 TBD RJT1
21 Sat 1:00 pm B Championship TBD 0   0 TBD RJT1
25 Sat 5:30 pm A Championship TBD 0   0 TBD RJT1

Atom Information

  1. Each game must be played until there is a winner
  2. 2pts for a win – 0pts for a loss
  3. Overtime rules of the tournament will apply – 5 min overtime, end of each minute, horn will sound and a player will be removed from the ice. If nobody scores after 1 on 1, it will go back to 5 on 5
  4. Top 2 Teams will move on to A Championship, 3rd place will be given automatic entry to B Championship, 4th and 5th place teams will play in C Championship game for a spot Saturday in the B Championship vs 3rd place team.

Standings Tiebreaker in case 2 teams are tied after the Preliminary Round

  1. Head to Head
  2. plus/minus
  3. goals against
  4. goals for
  5. team with earliest first goal in first game
  6. least amount of penalty minutes in the tournament

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