Frequently Asked Questions

I am a House League convenor, how do I get my Municipality involved?

Contact either the Chairman or the Registrar. All teams are served on a first come first served basis, however preference is given to Municipalities which can provide a full slate of four teams (one each from Novice, Atom, PeeWee and Bantam.)

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I am a Team Representative, how do I register my team for the Tournement?

First, contact your local House League Convenor to see if they are already organising four teams (one each from Novice, Atom, PeeWee and Bantam.) If so work with them to make sure that your team is included. If not contact either the Chairman or the Registrar for further details. All teams are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, however preference is given to Municipalities that can send all four teams.

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What forms do I need to send in to register my team?

All team representatives must complete the Online Registration Form.  Please note: We also require a copy of your  Official OMHA Team Roster. A PDF copy of your roster can be obtained from your league convenor.

Additionally you will need to send copies of two gamesheets from games that your team have played in this season. These are used to confirm  your players’ eligibility to play in the Tournament.

If your Municipality has not covered your registration fee you will also need to send in a cheque for the required amount. Contact your House League Convenor if you are not sure whether to send a cheque or not.

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What is the Sign-in procedure for the Tournament?

All teams are asked to arrive a minimum of one hour prior to their first game. A team representative should bring a copy of your team’s Official Team Roster (your league should provide your with this,) to be submitted to the Tournament registration staff.

All Coachs, Trainers and Managers as well as all players are required to sign in on the official Tournament Sign In Sheet prior to playing their first game. Team Officials should have their OMHA numbers (NCCP, HTCP, PRS) handy.

Additionally one team representative will be responsible for filling out their side of the first game sheet.

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Do my players have to sign in before each game?

No, Players and Team Officials are only required to sign in once, prior to their first game.

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One of my players/coaches will not be able to attend the first game. Can they play in the rest of our games?

Yes, as long as:

  1. They come to the registration desk and sign the Official Tournament Registration Sign-in Sheet prior to playing/coaching
  2. If a player, they appear on the game sheet for your team’ s first game. Please be mindful of this when filling out the game sheet for your fist game. Write down every player that you have that could possibly play for you over the course of the Tournament. We don’t want to have any dissapointed kids.

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Who am I required to have on my bench during the game?

Teams are required to have a carded coach on the bench. It is preferable to have a carded trainer as well. It is not required that this be the trainer that appears on your Official Team Roster, any willing participant with a valid Trainer’s card may act as your trainer.

The OMHA requires that there be at least one trainer present during each game. Please ensure that you have a trainer for each game just to make things simpler for everyone.

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Did you not find the answers you needed here on the web site? If so, please contact our Executive Committee using the ‘Information & Contacts‘ page.


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