Player Eligibility: All players must be House League Players and duly carded as per O.M.H.A. regulations. Players MUST all be on the same HL Team and Teams cannot pickup players from the same division. Any callups must be AP Rostered with your Minor Hockey Organization from a division lower prior to the TournamentAs this does take time, see your Registrar at your Minor Hockey Org for details.

Number of Players: Each team may register and play a maximum of 17 players. Only players listed on the registration form may participate. Replacement or additions for any reason will not be accepted. All players expecting to play anytime during the tournament must be registered by team officials during first check in.

Schedule: All games will be played as scheduled. No deviations for any reason.

Length of Games: Each game will consist of three (3) ten (10) minute stop time periods. No game can result in a tie. To break a tie, see below.

Penalties: All penalties assessed as per O.M.H.A. rules.

Tied Game: Should the score be tied at the end of regulation time, there will be an immediate sudden-victory overtime period. During the five minute overtime period, the play will be stopped at the end of each one-minute interval. Each team will remove one player from the ice (substitution of players allowed at any time) and a face off will take place at the nearest face-off circle.

A Penalty Shot will be awarded in lieu of a time penalty, whenever teams are reduced to three players or less (excluding goalkeepers) as a result of overtime procedure. However, the penalized player (excluding goalkeepers) will still be required to sit in the penalty box for what would have been the normal duration of the infraction called by the referee. Substitution will be allowed by the team for that player.

If at the end of the 1st overtime period, the tie has not been broken, successive overtime periods will result using the same format. Penalties incurred during regulation time will carry over as normal into the overtime period.

Sweater Colour Conflict: In cases of conflicting sweater colours, the team designated as the home team must change sweaters.

Registered Players: Should sign in at the registration desk at least one hour prior to their first game. Dressing rooms will be available. We ask that you clear them as soon as possible.

Disputes: If necessary, any dispute will be arbitrated by the Tournament Committee, and their decision will be accepted as binding. In addition, all rules and regulations as set out in the O.M.H.A. rule book will apply and all team members and officials will abide by them accordingly.

Manditory Equipment: All O.M.H.A. rules regarding mandatory equipment will be enforced. this includes proper BNQ neck protectors, chin straps and mask straps that must be fastened at all times. The foils on goalkeepers’ pads are illegal and will not be allowed.

Game Officials: All games will be officiated by officials registered with the Ontario Minor Hockey Association.

Special Notes:

  1. Any player incurring
    three (3) minor penalties of any kind within the same game will be ejected
    for the remainder of the game.
  2. Any player or team official who
    receives any major for fighting or gross misconduct or match penalty will
    be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.
  3. Any player or team official who
    receives a game misconduct in the third (3rd) period will be suspended for
    the next tournament game.
  4. Body checking is not allowed.
    A penalty will be incurred for infraction of this rule.
  5. Any player ejected from 2 games,
    will be ejected from the Tournament.


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